April 2017

Hotlist 2017

Thirty-three thousand, give or take a small bucket. That’s how many golf balls our players hit this year at the annual Hot List Summit in Arizona. Giving all the latest golf clubs the once-, twice- and thrice-over is only part of our process, which featured Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitors at every hitting station. The analysis and feedback from our testers provided the basis for our scores in Performance (45 percent of the total score) and Look/Sound/Feel (20 percent). Intense deliberations with our technical panel informed our score in Innovation (30 percent), and our industry review by our panel of golf retailers gave us the information for the Demand score (5 percent). All of these contributions, plus weeks of scrutiny by the judges, form the Golf Digest Hot List, our uncensored guide for all the equipment that can change your game this year and for years to come.